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     I needed someone to help with end of tenancy cleaning very last minute due to another company letting me down. Knightsbridge Carpet Cleaning was the only place I could find offering a next day service, and the price was so good, and the service was great.
Anthony Tauron19/05/2020
     We had Knightsbridge Carpet Cleaning come out to clean our home today for the first time, and it has never looked so good!
Suzanne P.19/09/2019
     This is the sixth property I have had cleaned by KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners and they always stun me with the standard of work. They always do a great job at cleaning and at an excellent price. I would also like to add that they are highly reliable and thorough professionals. They are extremely punctual and listen to you and any recommendations you may have before they begin with the work. They use only quality cleaning products and this is an added bonus.
Robert K.23/06/2016
     I see a lot of people in here raining down praise on KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners for a job well done and I'm here to add my opinion on the matter. I've had an excellent experience working with them and am now just trying to ensure that they get the credit which they deserve for a job well done. Thanks to the range of services which they're able to provide, the house is cleaner than it has ever been before. Had a really good effect and just makes me feel happier. Well done.
Barbara L.07/01/2015
     If there were six stars, that's what I would rate this company. I am absolutely mindblown by their awesome service and how efficiently they cleaned. After their first visit, I was quite impressed with the results. They had cleaned areas that I didn't think cleaning companies bothered with. Their follow-up was even more thorough, which I didn't think was possible. The ladies were always so sweet and friendly, they were a pleasure to have around the house. I am definitely going to use KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners again and will definitely recommend it to friends as well!
     My busy work schedule leaves me with very little time for my domestic duties and to be honest I hate cleaning. I heard through a friend about KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners and I decided to take them on for a trial basis. I have to admit that I was completely overwhelmed by the quality of work that this team of professional offer. I have been using them for over 6 months now and in that time I have been very happy with their service.
Sandra D.24/11/2014
     I can't get over how good KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners are! When my fiancée suggested that I get some help with cleaning my flat I didn't go for it for a while, so eventually, she called them herself and I welcomed in one of their employees. Let's just say that the bloke that came to work that morning impressed me no end and that is the exact reason that I feel the need to write this review! Thanks a lot. Everything looks great and it's helped me to keep the place tidy. The cleaner is always punctual and always has a smile. If you're looking for cleaners I recommend this company a great deal!
     On those days where nature makes my allergies act up, the great indoors is where I do my work. But as an artist, I need positive inspirational marks, not my untidy flat! To correct this, I hired KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners and they were everything I could've asked for. They gave the home a properly thorough clean, and provided top class customer service too. Everyone from the lady over the phone to the cleaner herself were friendly, and made hiring them an enjoyable experience! They've repeated this level of service every time I got in touch, so they have definitely earned a solid recommendation from me.
Erin C.29/08/2014
     I wanted to surprise my wife with a clean house as she worked long hours. I got in touch with KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners and requested a day time cleaning service. The staff was friendly and supportive offering any advice I needed. I was supplied with a quote that I was pleased with. I couldn't wait to see the finished work and see my wife's reaction. The chatty cleaners came promptly in a smart work uniform and with a stack of gear. They didn't stop scrubbing, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming all day. The end result was impressive. The house sparkled with cleanliness. My wife was astounded on her return home, and is planning a monthly booking.
John Howes24/07/2014
     I've never been a big fan of cleaning agencies as I feel they do only the basics and leave customers with all the hard work. But that is not something I worry about with KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners - they do all the jobs that need doing and really get down to the tough and gritty bits we all hate doing. That it makes them great value for money - any mug can wipe down a surface and hoover a floor but few cleaners can really make an oven immaculate and get rid of bathroom limescale, stains in carpets and dust and soot from the tops of cupboards.
Kevin D.30/06/2014
     I was in need of some domestic help to keep my flat in order. I worked long hours as a salesperson and didn't want the job of cleaning every week. I came across the name of a cleaning company in the area called KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners, so decided to give them a call. I was given some details about the services the company provided, and decided to have a general clean of the entire house. I arranged an appointment to fit in with work. On the day the cleaners arrived with their stuff, and started immediately. The work was done competently and at speed. The results were fantastic and I will certainly be hiring more frequently now.
Steve Garrett12/06/2014
     Having used a few cleaning companies in my time, I am very happy to be using KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners now. They are wonderfully efficient, and given the prices that I was looking at for other companies, it is a good job that they are so cheap! You never really know what to expect when it comes to how great the service is going to be, and I was relieved to find that it we amazing, despite how cheap it all is. A great company for a decent price, you can't really beat that sort of value!
Cynthia Morgan14/05/2014
     I called in this cleaning service because I was finding that the housework was getting too much and I have to say it was the best decision I think I have ever made! For the price that they charge it really isn't much for a great clean up and tidy and no time. Our lovely cleaner fits in well with all of the family and is very accommodating and flexible. I find that I have so much spare time now that I don't have to worry about the cleaning and I'm much happier for it. Thanks KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners for everything.
Jenna P.08/04/2014
     If you're in need of a cleaning service, then I've got a clue for you. I used to be in your position, struggling to find a solution to my many issues and never really finding a satisfactory way of keeping my home clean. It was either a question of me not possessing the skills or not possessing the time. Thankfully, I've now hired KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners and that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. They handle everything so that I don't have to. With their help, I can keep on top of everything and my home is always so clean.
Fred Reed19/03/2014
     I know that some people don't like the idea of having a stranger in the house cleaning their place, but I implore anyone who feels stressed by the housework to give KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners a go. I felt like I'd known them forever from the first day, and this made me feel really relaxed about them being in the house so often. It was not long before I decided that I trusted them enough to have them in the house without my being around, which was a big leap for me! Not had an issue so far, so fingers crossed they are as excellent for you!
Nicole W.05/03/2014
     The team at KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners really helped me out with one-off business cleaning. I was looking for a company that was professional and efficient for a one time business cleaning. I arranged a special event and needed more than my regular cleaners. The team at KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners were quickly managing my request and provided an affordable and diligent business cleaning service. I was impressed with their cleaning staff and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the future. What a great team!
William J.18/02/2014
     KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners have been cleaning our sofa for a long time now, once a year. It all started when the kids were little and we couldn't afford to replace it, so we decided to get a professional clean. The results were outstanding, so we decided to get it done regularly and here we are ten years on and KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners are still turning up to clean that once tired-looking sofa. To this day it still looks better than it did that day they first turned up, and we really love that chair! I couldn't imagine sitting on anything else these days, so thanks for keeping it going!
A. Edwards30/01/2014
     Wow, I don't usually write reviews but after my experienced with KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners I just had to share my opinion. As someone who's never used a cleaning service before I really didn't know what to expect, but this company really helped to put me at ease. My cleaner got straight to work and I could tell right away that I'd hired a really professional and dedicated cleaner. My house always looks immaculate and spotless and I have lots more free time on my hands. This is a brilliant service that everyone should try! I can't recommend it to enough people!
     How did I cope before I hired KnightsbridgeCarpetCleaners to help with my cleaning?! I have so much free time on my hands now and I never have to deal with the mess and dirt that my house always seems to accumulate. This is an affordable and reliable service that I couldn't live without now! The cleaners know exactly what they're doing and they're definitely some of the best cleaners I've ever had in my home. This is a service that I really can't thank enough for everything they've done for me and my family. It's just amazing!

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